Monday, June 3, 2013

Retirement Party Held for Three Jackson Employees

 Left to right: Daniel Meis, president of Jackson Lumber Harvester Company, with retirees James McGee, Robert Everson, and Charles Laehn.

     A party honoring retiring Jackson Lumber Harvester Company, Inc. employees was held at K-D's Homestyle Eatery & Catering restaurant in Mondovi, WI, recently.  Robert Everson retired after 42 years, James McGee retired after 24 years, and Charles Laehn retired after 15 years.  Employees and their spouses, as well as previously-retired employees and spouses, enjoyed a delicious dinner served by K-D's in their private dining room.
     Following the meal, there was a program of reminiscences from the years represented by the retirees.  Several employees shared memorable, and in some cases humorous, accounts of happenings they recalled.  The retirees themselves told of experiences worthy of note, as particular incidents over the years were brought to mind.
     Danny Meis, president of the corporation, presented each retiring employee with a unique, solid oak memento box engraved on the lid with the person's name, number of years of distinctive service, and the Jackson Lumber Harvester trademark, as well as the company's "sold around the world" slogan.

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