Friday, February 22, 2008

Installations abound.

We are doing many installations for people!
Jackson technicians have been working on:

  • Webb Biomass Burners.
  • Entire Wood Shaving Plants ---Including dryers, log decks, & conveyors for the whole operation.
  • Heating systems for pellet manufacturers.
  • Sawmills & related equipment.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Jim McGee Celebrates 20 years!

Production supervisor Jim McGee has been with Jackson for over 20 years. A pizza party was held in his honor with employees joining in to help him celebrate this momentous occasion.

McGee started working for the company in 1988 as a welder. He became production supervisor in 1996, upon the retirement of Howard Peterson who had been with the company since 1959. McGee worked on, and has been in charge of, the metal fabrication of Jackson-brand sawmills, wood shaving mills, and related forestry equipment. He has been instrumental in the production of machinery shipped to destinations throughout the United States and foreign countries; such as Canada, Korea, Bahamas, Colombia, Russia, Puerto Rico, England, Portugal, South Africa, Thailand, Iceland, Chile, Lithuania, Brunei, and Trinidad in the West Indies."

Jackson Lumber Harvester on YouTube

About four months ago we started posting videos of our machines online via YouTube. The response has been pleasantly surprising and a boost to inquiries. Here is our most popular video to date. Enjoy.

Check out all our videos at:\JacksonLumber

Enter New Territory

We at Jackson Lumber Harvester have decided to reformat a newsletter that we once did called the "Jackson Journal". This publication was informative to past and current customers as well as employees concerning many things taking place at Jackson. The newsletter included new business, upcoming trade shows, history, "spotlight" on employees, sales, and other interesting happenings at Jackson. This blog is an attempt to provide similar information in a easy to access medium. Enjoy.