Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jackson Ships Equipment to South Africa

Jackson Lumber Harvester Company employees recently manufactured machinery destined for South Africa. The equipment was loaded and began its long journey on Monday, November 7. Two Model 30D10HL Jackson Wood Shaving Mills with elevated bases were loaded into two 40-foot semi truck hard-top containers. Also loaded were two 20-foot Jackson Log Decks and two 20-foot Jackson Belt Conveyors, as well as a supply of spare parts. An inspector, representing the buyer, was on hand during the loading to confirm that everything was shipped as ordered, and loaded in the proper manner.
Three representatives from the South African company purchasing the equipment came to Mondovi the week of October 17 and visited the Jackson Lumber Harvester manufacturing plant. They received instruction on procedures and training in the operation of their new Jackson equipment. They also went and saw similar equipment operating in the vicinity. They enjoyed being in the United States and were impressed with seeing the sites in this area, especially viewing the Mississippi River, trying cheese curds for the first time at the cheese factory in Nelson, Wisconsin, and visiting Gander Mountain sporting goods store in Eau Claire.
Jackson Lumber Harvester Company received an E-mail from the visitors upon their return to South Africa expressing how much they appreciated their visit to Wisconsin. They commended the Company on their craftmanship, friendliness, hospitality, and expertise, and extended an offer to Jackson employees to come for a visit and enjoy big game hunting on their game farm in South Africa.

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